Question on How To Detox naturally for a Drug test

I recieved this email on facebook yesterday, I thought its better if I post it on a new blog and link to it from my facebook account, I don’t wanna use my personal facebook account for this. So if anybody has any question regarding drug testing then I will reply here:

I have to take a drug test in 2 weeks, for a doctor.  I am prescribed the fentanyl patch for pain management after having spinal fusion surgery. So here’s my question. If I use the toxin rid to detox from weed, but I continue to wear my patch (which is constantly delivering it to my system) will the fentanyl continue to show up in my drug test?

Obviously, I DO want it to show up, otherwise my doctor will want to know why it’s not in there when I’m getting a continuous dose.
My second question is how many days should I do toxin rid? Of course I know you can’t answer that without any info so here’s what I’ve done so far.  I quit smoking 5 days ago when I found out about the test, which basically left me with 18 days to detox.  I have been a smoker for 20 years (on & off) and smoke an average of about a gram per day.

I smoke very high quality, normally northern lights, as I do grow it myself.  However, sometimes I buy various strains if I run out or just want something different.  So I have been doing a different detox for the past 5 days, the brand was Nutra Cleanse ( unfortunately I didn’t see your review of detox rid or I would’ve bought it :

(.  I have stuck to the directions exactly, even following the diet plan, but I’m a really cautious person so I want to do as much as possible, so I want to do the toxin rid too.  I’m a 40 yr old female and weigh 150 lbs.  When I have detoxed in the past, I’ve always done it naturally and unfortunately it usually takes about 5-6 weeks.

So do you think that I should do the 10 day detox? Or should I do a 5 or 7 day, and then do a mega clean drink on the day of my test? Like I said, I need the fentanyl to continue to show, so I’m really unsure about how the mega clean will affect that.
My last question…Once (hopefully) I do test clean, what are your thoughts about saving and storing extra urine for the future?  And if I can save it for the future, what is the best way to store it and how long can I store it?
Id appreciate your help, as it’s seems you are the only person that has first hand experience with the products, with factual evidence to back it up.  I’m not an idiot that’s going to take just anybody’s opinion on the internet so I’m really glad I found your site.

Thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing from you. If you feel you need any additional information, please let me know.

If I were you I wouldnt bother with these detox bullshit methods, detoxing your system (as you probably know) hard and the success is not guaranteed. If I were you I would grab a bottle of synthetic urine, as fake urine is the best option for a simple unsupervised piss test. Why would you risk your job with natural detoxing?

Also, are you planning to stop smoking weed for good? Because if not, than natural detox makes no sense. Just stick to a quality synthetic urine  like Sub Solution, Monkey Whizz or the latest version of Quick fix urine and you will pass that test with flying colors.

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